Business Studies

All first year students take Business Studies for the full academic year
Each student has free choice and access to Business Studies in 2 year to complete the Junior Certificate Business Studies course. Students’ choices, from year to year, determine subject groupings.

Transition year: Compulsory for all students – an 6-week module in Business and in Accounting is taken by each student (including those who have not completed the Junior Certificate Business Studies course)


Subject Outline:

Business Studies is that part of the curriculum which enables the student to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living, which contributes to the student’s understanding of the world of business, which encourages a positive attitude to enterprise and which develops appropriate skills in that field.

The syllabus is balanced between the business education necessary for the individual/household area and business education in the purely commercial context. This balance is achieved by devoting separate syllabus sections to “the Business of Living” and “Enterprise”. The business concepts and skills introduced in one are restated and reinforced in the other. A section on economic awareness forms a bridge between these two sections.

Exam Structures:

Both Junior Certificate Business Studies and Leaving Certificate Business is offered at two levels- Higher and Ordinary.




* To contribute to a balanced and appropriate general education, leading to the personal and social development of students through a study of business and enterprise.

* To encourage initiative and self-reliance in each student.

* To develop a clear understanding of the role of enterprise, to encourage the development of appropriate enterprise learning skills, and to generate in students a positive and ethical attitude to enterprise in personal, business and public life.

* To develop a critical understanding of the overall environment in which business functions.

* To help prepare students for participation in a changing business environment for adult and working life and also as a basis for further education.

Examination structure and marking scheme

The examination will be a written terminal examination. The examination is to be marked out of 400 marks. There will be one paper at two levels, Ordinary and Higher. The Ordinary level examination comprises two sections and is of two hours thirty minutes duration. The Higher level paper examination comprises three sections and is of three hours duration.

busineess 2nd years award

Second Year Business Students accepting their advertising campaign

award in 2016, with their teacher Mr. Dave Mc Carthy.