Geography is concerned with the study of people and their environment. A study of geography helps pupils to develop an understanding of their physical and human surroundings. It examines the changing inter relationship between the physical and human worlds.

Through their study of geography students will develop geographical skills that will help them make informed judgements about issues at local, national and international levels.

The subject helps students develop an understanding and knowledge of the physical, regional, environmental, social, cultural and economic concepts in geography through direct linking with Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate syllabi. It allows students build on existing knowledge and enhance their personal understanding of each topic in geography. Students hone skills of map interpretation, figure drawing, figure interpretation, map drawing and fieldwork

We have four subject teachers: Edward Sheehy, Yvonne O’Regan, Dave Mc Carthy, and Lisa O’Sullivan.Geography has linked across the curriculum, with links to English (literacy and keywords); Maths (numeracy, spatial skills); Science ( links to topics on energy, atmosphere, environment), History (links with Economic Geography), CSPE (development concepts), French (regional geography); Physical Education (orienteering); Irish (locational geography); Biology and Agricultural Science (Geo-ecology).

Extra-curricular activities link geography to our multitude of exchanges across the world to Lesotho, Holland, Germany and France as well as tours (Italy October 2013). The adventure race and orienteering have been recent events linking geography and map-reading intimately. The Mizen Head and our local geography of Schull village provide areas for geographical investigation and field/streetwork every year.