Mathematics is taught by a team of teachers:
James Keating

Kay Quinn
Elmarie Lynch
Martha Hayes
Marion Barry  and Dav Leung
Maths Week is in October each year, where we try to show how important Maths is, in everyday life.

The Project Maths ideals followed discussions with teachers, lecturers and most importantly business people.

Mathematics is……
essential for disciplines such as science, technology, engineering and finance, but it also promotes the ability to think rationally, analyse and solve problems, and process data clearly and accurately. In a globalised competitive economy it is important that Ireland moves beyond being “average” at mathematics towards the promotion of advanced levels of skills, creativity and innovation. We urgently need to improve
attainment levels in mathematics generally and to encourage more students to take Higher Level Mathematics. In addition, mathematics is an essential life-skill for citizenship and economic and social participation in an increasingly complex world. will provide a central portal for all mathematics curriculum
support materials.

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