Sports in the College

We are lucky in the school, to be able to offer the students many different sporting activities. Here are some of them:

  1. Hurling, with trainer Mr. Vaughan
  2. First year Ladies football with Ms. O Driscoll
  3. Sailing with D Harte
  4. Rugby for boys with Mr. Leung
  5. Ladies senior football with Mr. Mc Carthy
  6. Boys football with Mr Murray
  7. Basketball boys and girls with Ms O Sullivan
  8. Badminton with Ms. Quinn
  9. Table tennis with Mr. Kelly
  10. Skiing with Mr. Rese
  11. Athletics with Mr. Sheehy and Mr. Milner
  12. Soccer with Mr. Mc Carthy
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    Girls U18 Basketball team

    Girls U18 Basketball team

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    Girls U16 basketball team

    Girls U16 basketball team

    Boy's U16 football team

    Boy’s U16 football team

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