S.P.H.E is a Junior Cycle programme, and is part of the core curriculum. S.P.H.E stands for Social, Personal and Health Education, and throughout the three years of the programme, students are introduced to 10 modules, which are intended to promote health in the widest possible sense.
There is no written examination in the subject, but it aims to equip students with real life skills that will be helpful to them throughout their lives.

The ten modules are:

  • Belonging and Integrating
  • Self management: a sense of purpose
  • Communication skills
  • Physical health
  • Friendship
  • Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Emotional health
  • Influences and Decisions
  • Substance Use
  • Personal safety

These modules are taught through “experiential learning”, so there is a great emphasis on the students input through role plays, discussions questionnaires, etc.

Ms Nicola McCormick  is the S.P.H.E. coordinator.