Education Support

Schull Community College has an inclusive ethos and our Education Support Department works closely with students, their families, teachers and outside agencies to ensure that all students are provided with the support they need.

The Education Support Department liaises with our local primary schools to ease the transition of students from primary to post-primary and to ensure that we are fully aware of the needs of our incoming students. STEN scores and literacy and numeracy tests also allow us to pinpoint any difficulties a student may be having and to tailor an individual programme to support that student.

Support for students is individualised and takes many forms such as: team teaching, small group teaching and one on one tuition.

We believe that communication between home and school is vital to support students and ongoing informal communication is an integral part of the support structure in the school.

Our school also has a multi-disabilities class for students with multi-disabilities and complex needs. We work closely with outside agencies to ensure students achieve meaningful goals and have a positive school experience.


Guidance & Counselling

Our Guidance Department provides ongoing support to students through classes and individual appointments. They provide counselling, career guidance and educational guidance working closely with the Student Support Team, Class Teachers, Year Heads and Senior Management Team to ensure that students have access to the supports they need.



The role of the Chaplain is to provide a faith presence in the school. Our Chaplain works closely with all members of our school community and within the local community. Their role is centred around meeting, listening and supporting students on their journey through school.


Student Council

At Schull Community College, we realise the importance of Student Voice and the valuable contribution that students make to the development of our school. Representatives of our Student Council are democratically elected each academic year and provide support to their peers. It is an important leadership role within the school and enables students to take on greater responsibilities within the school and develop their communication, planning and organisational skills.