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The WorldWise Global Schools Annual Conference 2016 was a learning, capacity building and showcasing event for the work that has been achieved by schools, school networks and NGOs engaging with the WorldWise Global Schools Programme in the 2015/16 school year. The event brought together over 330 students, 115 teachers and 70 professionals from 30 DE related organisations to explore the conference theme of ‘The Global Goals – Taking Action!’ The conference aimed to facilitate the sharing of good practice Development Education and develop participant’s capacity to undertake positive and relevant action on the Global Goals. The conferences key aims were to: • Familiarise participants with the Global Goals and explore practical actions that can be taken to achieve them • Inspire students to be active global citizens by showcasing examples of actions taken by their peers and grassroots people on global issues • Link teachers with NGO’s that can support them to deliver quality Development Education in their schools • Strengthen teachers understanding of ‘DE and Action’ so as they can facilitate students to take appropriate and meaningful local to global action projects.

It was a very important day for the College as Ellen O’Driscoll, 17 who attends Schull Community School represented NYCI on the panel. She is involved with the YMCA and has been active in her local community during One World Weeks over the years. She represented Ireland in Brussels to talk to European leaders about the Global Goals and it’s importance to young people.

Students in Schull Community College, and in their partner school, Holy Names High School in Lesotho, learning about the Global Goals together but on different sides of the world during The World’s largest lesson-they shared resources and workshops with each other.


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